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This Weapon Assembled with Products After Airport Security Is Crazy

A weapon assembled like this requires MacGyver-like skills. 

Think quick. You find yourself in an airport in a third world country and it falls under attack. You have no means of protection. What can you use to get a weapon assembled to protect yourself and those around you?

You better watch this video and see yourself.

If that nightmare scenario ever were to come true and you pulled that off, Jack Bower, the Doctor, James Bond, Tony Stark, and the Professor from Gilligan’s Island would buy you a beer in the airport bar after it was all over.

No, really. What sort of genius, or criminal mastermind, could come up with something like this? An actual working weapon assembled from a can of RedBull, Mentos, a hair dryer, and dental floss is either really scary or a flat-out work of art. It all depends on your perspective, of course.

So, hopefully this goes without saying, but never try this at home. Also, under no circumstances should you ever get cute and attempt to create one of these in an airport bathroom. This weapon was created in a controlled environment in a lab. It was nowhere near an airport.

If you don’t listen to this warning, you would probably find yourself sharing the same cell with Wilson Fisk, Danny Ocean, Verbal Kint, or Joffrey Baratheon.


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This Weapon Assembled with Products After Airport Security Is Crazy