We Just Found Your New Ice Fishing Castle

Facebook/The Tackle Shack

A Canadian from Alberta is selling this spectacular ice fishing house for around $30,000 if it’s still around!

Consider this an ice fisherman’s dream come true! For only $30,000, you too can sit atop an ice fishing house with some extreme comfort. It has two slide-out side features that create more room, a bathroom, three televisions, two high-definition underwater cameras, hole heaters and a fully tiled kitchenette.

Drooling yet? Well, take a look at these pictures:

Facebook/The Tackle Shack

Here’s a look at the kitchen.

Facebook/The Tackle Shack

Looks like there’s more than one screen to see the fish with.

Facebook/The Tackle Shack

This comfortable sitting area is awesome.

Facebook/The Tackle Shack

Oh yeah, the part where you go fishing!

Facebook/The Tackle Shack

Thanks to the good folks at The Tackle Shack for sharing this delightful look at how real ice fishermen do itThey’ve said that one of their patrons from Lloydminster, Alberta, was selling the “Fishhouse” for a cool $30,000 CAD. That translates to a little more than $23,000 USD.

Anyone saying it’s too big, too luxurious or too anything secretly wants this sucker as much as the rest of us! I wonder if we can rent one somewhere?

All photos via Facebook/The Tackle Shack


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