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We Can’t Wait for Early Season Dove Hunting

early season dove

It’s like a kid waiting for Christmas! Early season dove hunting is almost here.

Early September marks the beginning of the transition from summer to fall. It also means hunting season is here.  Early season dove starts on September 1st for many of us and it is a holiday in some parts of the country.

This video below was from Labor Day last year and is why we love early dove season. The caption of the video is “Hunting with my buddy and his dog”.

What’s better than that? It was shot in Maryland, but the passion of the hunters and excitement of the hunt could have taken place anywhere that early season doves fly.

Who else can’t wait for early season dove? It is the time when you get to try out that new gun or grab your trusty shotgun that you have used for years.

Watch as the hunters in the video blast dove after dove while walking through a cornfield. What a great hunt these guys were on.



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We Can’t Wait for Early Season Dove Hunting