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Wayward Gray Seal Rescued from Champlain Canal Lock in Upstate New York

Officials in New York move heaven and earth to rescue a gray seal that swam 200 miles up the Hudson River.

A youthful, 200-pound male gray seal made the swim of its life this summer when it traveled up New York’s Hudson River all the way to Champlain Canal Lock 1 in Waterford.

Shane Mahar of the New York State Thruway Authority and Canal Corporation said “Not only are we a good distance from lower Manhattan up the Hudson River, but this seal has made its way through two locks.”

The question is: was the seal stuck or was he just happy as a clam to be there? The video states that the area was “prime real estate” for the seal during the months that it was in the lock as there were millions of fish stuck right with it to feed on.

With dropping temperatures and the fish quickly disappearing, the NYSDEC and other agencies pitched in to rescue the wayward seal, and what an effort it was! First they had to completely drain Lock 1, and then corral the seal: no easy task!

The seal was released into the Atlantic Ocean where it is hoped it will stay. Knowing the logistics of what they did, this was an amazing rescue. The powers that be could have let the gray seal die, but with a group effort, one more species is shown to be in good human hands.


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Wayward Gray Seal Rescued from Champlain Canal Lock in Upstate New York