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That Was Way Too Close: Iraq Weapons Cache Explosion Nearly Hits Marines [VIDEO]

Iraq Weapons Cache Explosion Nearly Hits Marines

Somebody let these guys get a little to close to the controlled detonation. Watch as debris from this weapons cache explosion in Iraq nearly hits these Marines.

One of the cool things about being deployed is getting the opportunity to see and do things that you don’t normally get to do, like watch gigantic explosions of captured weapons and equipment.

I’ve been there before, and the story never seems to change: everybody wants to watch and take video of controlled detonations of IEDs and weapons caches because it looks really cool. However, this video is a good lesson that it is very easy to get too close to these explosions and risk getting someone hurt.

It’s unclear if anybody was injured as a result of this explosion, but that was a really close call if everybody made it out okay. Obviously, this explosion was much larger than they thought it would be.

Yes, you sometimes get to do lots of interesting things on a deployment, like ride in helicopters and shoot cool guns, but this is just another reminder that there are some very real occupational hazards that come with that territory as well.

Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry when messing with explosives and keeping your head down is rarely a bad idea.

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That Was Way Too Close: Iraq Weapons Cache Explosion Nearly Hits Marines [VIDEO]