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Why Watersheds Like Montana’s Clark Fork Are Worth Saving

Zangs Films

The Clark Fork in western Montana, like many western watersheds, is in peril. 

The Clark Fork watershed sprawls over an area of over 14 million acres, and its streams and tributaries cover over 28 thousand miles. It’s beautiful, powerful, full of life and in serious danger.

The crew at Zangs Films embarked on a voyage to study her. They wanted to know her quirks, her beauty, and her bounty. And of course, they fished while they were at it.

Big agriculture and the consumption of natural resources have had their impacts on this wonderful region, though. Streams run low or not at all, as water is pulled for irrigation. Chemicals left in the wake of mining of polluted large portions of the watershed.

The Clark Fork isn’t the only western watershed that’s suffering. These issues affect rivers and streams throughout the west, and they must be addressed. Fisheries, wildlife and the wild-at-heart people who love these things depend on it.



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Why Watersheds Like Montana’s Clark Fork Are Worth Saving