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15 Pieces of Waterfowl Hunting Gear You Don’t Want to Be Without

Here’s how to stock up for waterfowl hunting season.


Fall just doesn’t feel the same until duck and goose season starts, and for plenty of waterfowl hunters, it’s the pinnacle of the year.

Each new season brings a ton of new gear options and advanced consumer products, promising to help you bag a limit, stay comfortable in not-so-comfortable conditions, or just flat out make things easier.

This year is no different, and so we wanted to provide some help when it comes to narrowing down your choices for new equipment. Sportsman’s Guide provides the gear, and you’ll find plenty of other great selections for any outdoor needs while you’re there.

View the slideshow to see the gear selections for waterfowl hunting.

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1. Guide Gear® Deluxe Waterfowl Blind, Mossy Oak® Blades

When you’re staking out your hunting area for ducks or geese, it’s worth thinking about setting up a layout blind. You’ll need less swampy terrain, but if the ground is right for it, a layout (or coffin) blind could serve as your new favorite style.

Guide Gear® Deluxe Waterfowl Blind in full Mossy Oak camo will allow comfort and near-total concealment.

2. Guide Gear® 3.5mm Boot Waders, Double Brown

Anyone who’s been duck hunting for a while knows that you’ve usually got to get through some messy stuff to find success. That involves wet, muddy and all around messy conditions, so a great pair of waders is almost a necessity.

Of course, if you don’t have a canine companion to help retrieve, you’re also likely to be wading through some deep water to reach them. The Guide Gear® 3.5mm Boot Waders will be your new best friends, and can be switched between bibs or pants.

3. Guide Gear® Nylon / PVC Hip Waders, Brown

Sometimes full bib waders aren’t needed, so hip waders are the next logical choice.

The triple-strength seams on the Guide Gear® Nylon / PVC Hip Waders will ensure your legs and feet are kept dry.

4. Whistling Wings® Neoprene Shell Belt

You’ll want a handy way to hold and quickly access your shot shells, so consider a belt like the Whistling Wings® Neoprene Shell Belt. Keep up to 25 shells in this durable, adjustable belt.

5. Duck Commander™ 1972 Premium Series Duck Call

Duck hunting without a call is the second most ridiculous mistake, right after duck hunting without a gun.

Try the Duck Commander™ 1972 Premium Series Duck Call because, well, those Robertson folk know their ducks.

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6. Higdon Decoys® Half Shell Canada Goose Decoys, 12 – Pk.

Decoys are always going to come in handy, and if you’re after Canada geese, these Higdon Decoys® Half Shell Canada Goose Decoys in a pack of 12 are just what you’ll need.

There are plenty of options when it comes to decoy formations, but having a dozen or more typically adds to your success rate.

7. MOJO Outdoors™ Motorized Baby Hen Decoy

Speaking of decoys, these MOJO Outdoors™ Motorized Baby Hen Decoys might be some of the best on the market today.

A realistic look and feel, plus the most lifelike motorized movement available, add up to MOJO being the go-to brand of decoys.

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8. Splash® Elite Blind Pack & Decoy Bag

Haul all your decoys, blind, gear, and even your gun with this Splash® Elite Blind Pack & Decoy Bag. Keep your hands free while heading to your spot, and pack everything into one capable pack when it’s time to head out.

9. Final Approach® Large Layout Blind Bag, Mossy Oak

Try the Final Approach® Large Layout Blind Bag when you need something to fit inside the blind but still be accessible. It opens longways and can hold shells, calls, gloves, even a drink or your phone.

10. Men’s Korkers® Redside Wading Boots, Elmwood / Dark Earth

Maybe waders aren’t completely necessary where you waterfowl hunt, but if you’ll be in any kind of wet area, these Korkers® Redside Wading Boots are the ultimate in interchangeable boot tech.

Included is a plain felt sole and the Kling-On sticky rubber sole for great grab on slick surfaces.

11. Decoy Bag

Keep all your decoys in one secure place, and make hauling in and out of the pond, lake or swamp all that easier with a Decoy Bag.

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12. MTM® Case – Gard™ Sportsman’s Dry Box

Of course, if you’re in wet conditions, there are always going to be specific pieces of gear you don’t want getting drenched.

Try out something like the MTM® Case – Gard™ Sportsman’s Dry Box and you’ll ensure phones, cameras, optics, shells and other sensitive stuff is kept out of harm’s way.

13. Whistling Wings® 40 grams Thinsulate™ Insulation Quick Draw Gloves

Since waterfowl seasons extend into winter, and for most of the country that means frigid temps, keeping your hands warm and trigger-ready is essential.

The combination of gloves and muffs in the Whistling Wings® 40 grams Thinsulate™ Insulation Quick Draw Gloves is just what you’ll need. Don’t let cold or wet hands slow you down one bit.

14. Grabber® Large Hand Warmers, 80-Pk.

While we’re on the subject of hands, stocking up on hand warmers in bulk is never a bad idea.

These Grabber® Large Hand Warmers are offered in 80 packs, and your hunting buddies will never stop thanking you for supplying them.

15. Camowraps 100 sq. ft. Premium Standard Boat Kit

Last but certainly not least, if you’re boating to your waterfowl hunting destination, or using it throughout your hunting trips, then some Camowraps are a wise choice.

Conceal your boat and don’t worry about it scaring away wary fowl with this easy-on, DIY kit.

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