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What Do You Do When a Waterbuck Goes for a Swim in Your Pool?

What Do You Do When A Waterbuck Goes For A Swim In Your Pool

This waterbuck decided to go for a dip in a swimming pool at a tourist lodge in Tanzania, but discovered it couldn’t get out. Watch what happened next.

As their name implies, waterbuck really like the water. This often leads to trouble, whether that be an attack by a crocodile or getting stuck in a swimming pool. Regardless, the lodge staff were put in the tricky situation of having to remove such a large and powerful creature from the pool without getting on the wrong end of those horns.

Watch the video to see what they did.

Nice work guys!

That didn’t look like easy work, but that’s what you’ve got to do sometimes. Even though it may not have looked like it at the time, I’m sure the waterbuck appreciated it.

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What Do You Do When a Waterbuck Goes for a Swim in Your Pool?