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Water Wolf Shows Exactly What Your Lure is Doing, and More!


The Water Wolf allows you to view a rarely seen underwater world. Watch and be amazed as fish follow and react to your lures.

The Water Wolf is a product that presents a clear picture of how exactly that big pike or lunker salmon attacked and engulfed your lure…or how you missed her.

On the Water Wolf YouTube channel you can see a number of videos showing scenes like those you see here, of fish following the lure or, in some cases, attacking the camera itself.

Of course there are numerous advantages to having another set of eyes underwater. Not only do you get to see what your lure is doing, and possibly capture some hard-hitting strikes, but you will have the chance to see what fish see, what the water conditions are like and even the makeup of the bottom. The more information you have, the better your chances for catching fish.

The instances of fish hitting the lure can be easily cut and saved from the larger film. It operates as deep as 300 feet, effectively leaving no body of water out of reach. There is even a bottom fishing kit for carp and other bottom feeders that allows you to view stationery rigs.

The camera appears to be easily fixed to your line and turned on, with little chance of loss. It also records up to four hours of fishing, making for a solid recording experience.

Water Wolf designed the camera with “total waterproofness, long battery life, easy operation, light sensitivity and a discreet presence in the water” as their goals. You might say that they succeeded almost too well on the “discreet presence in the water” aspect, if the number of times the camera gets hit by fish rather than the actual lure is any indication.

Of course that’s probably not what you want to happen, but it does make for some great underwater footage!

Granted, there are other cameras out there that capture fish behavior, but none that so clearly and effectively catch what is happening right at the end of the line, and without affecting the action of your lure. The Water Wolf is available for under $200, and I’ve seen it as low as $135.



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Water Wolf Shows Exactly What Your Lure is Doing, and More!