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The Water Walker: An Ingenious Invention for Hunters [VIDEO]


If you have ever hunted in the thick marsh, you know how valuable the Mudbob Water Walker can be.

We have all gone out on those wet, muddy swamps while pursuing some ducks. It is often quite difficult to wade our way through, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Here is a promotional video for a neat invention called the MudBob Water Walker, complete with a catchy little jingle.

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The inventor, Robert Axtell, is an avid outdoorsman. He had just hurt his knee and knew he wouldn’t probably be able to hunt his favorite spots again.

Here is a little excerpt from his site about how this idea came to fruition

As I thought about how I was going to be able to navigate with my bum knee I realized that though this was a temporary problem for me, for others it is a lifelong barrier to the activities they enjoy. A walker helps people on the ground to steady themselves so they are safe, and how a water walker could do the same to improve balance in the water. The Water Walker I designed off-sets my weight and improves balance and maneuverability in difficult environments.

The Mud Bob retails for $399, and can be purchased directly from their website.

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The Water Walker: An Ingenious Invention for Hunters [VIDEO]