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Water is Not Supposed to Do This


Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature and is capable of doing a lot of things, but we do know for sure that water is not supposed to do this. 

Water, the key to life, is known as one of the most powerful elements in nature. It can cause floods, torrents of rain, and can even carve through rock to form things like the Grand Canyon. But, one thing that water is not supposed to do is to is to catch on fire. But if you watch this video below from Australia, you’ll see that the water does exactly that…

Now, as people who spend time in the outdoors, we know that methane quite naturally seeps up through lakes and rivers and has done so for many many years. While, it’s not usually enough to catch fire and almost never does so naturally, if you find a spot where it’s happening and provide a good enough spark, you will be able to create a fire such as the one in the video.

Whether fracking is having any effect on the amount of methane what is coming out of the rivers or not, we can’t really say, but a new phenomenon resulting entirely from fracking…we think probably not.

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Water is Not Supposed to Do This