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After Watching This Tiger Video, You’ll Wish This Tiger Was Your Friend Too

Meet Jonas, a sweet natured six-to-seven-month-old Bengal tiger that likes to try to steal pizza from dudes on a couch.

In this tiger video, you’ll see Jonas wandering around a room with a couple guys who are sitting around watching TV, drinking beer and eating pizza. The tiger video was apparently shot in 2008, but was uploaded on Sunday by YouTube user Kevin Thatcher, who says he used to work for the Bowmanville Zoo in Ontario, Canada, which Jonas was a part of at the time.

Apparently Thatcher and his fellow staff at the zoo would take Jonas home at night to make sure the young tiger was fed every 3 to 4 hours, a legal practice according Thatcher on his Youtube page. He said the practice of bringing Jonas home at night helped the young tiger — and other young animals at the zoo — become more comfortable with humans.

As you’ll see in the tiger video, Jonas seems to be very comfortable indeed. Our favorite moment is when he plops down on the couch and let’s out a groan like a dog who didn’t get the food he wanted.

“He has tried to eat my pizza before and did not like it, but like all stubborn babies he has to see for himself everytime,” said Thatcher in a comment posted to his YouTube page. “This lovable one-of-a-kind tiger was loved very much by his zoo family and was well taken care of.”

This wasn’t the first tiger video Jonas starred in. In 2012, he was used as one of the few real-life tigers during filming of the movie “Life of Pi” directed by Ang Lee.

Unfortunately, Jonas passed away two years ago because of a hole in his diaphragm. While most Bengal tigers are very aggressive animals, Jonas was well known by his handlers and visitors for being a sweet-natured creature.

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After Watching This Tiger Video, You’ll Wish This Tiger Was Your Friend Too