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Watching How These Animals Drink is a Trip [VIDEO]

animals drink

Get a fish's eye view of how several different animals drink in this cool video.

We are all familiar with how some animals drink. Dogs lap from their bowl to satisfy their thirst. Hamsters drink from their bottles and elephants use their trunks. For the record, elephants have to own the award for coolest drinking method, but the animals in this video have interesting methods as well.

The most interesting observation that I took from this video is the difference between how the predators drink compared to how prey animals drink. While some of it probably has to do with varying tongue anatomy, other factors could be at play.


You will notice that the prey animals put their entire muzzles into the water tank and suck down a lot of water very quickly. It makes sense that prey animals would drink fast. Standing still for too long is not a safe venture out in the wild.

The predators on the other hand seem more casual about the whole thing. Just one of the benefits of being king of the jungle. It really does make you think when you see how different animals drink. It is such a simple act when you have opposable thumbs like us. Just imagine only being able to drink using your tongue.

According to Elad Herskowitz from the Ramat Gan Safari,

The cameras captured the unique ways that the Safari's giraffes, lions, oryx, lemurs, monkeys, tapirs, zebras and  rhinoceroses drank the good stuff.

Herskowitz made the video in order to promote a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for the safari and to improve the safari's resident animals.

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Watching How These Animals Drink is a Trip [VIDEO]