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7 Watches for Under 70 Dollars

It isn't easy to find watches for under 70 dollars these days, but Breed has you covered with timekeepers that any hunter or angler would appreciate.

Here's a rundown of the seven best watches Breed has available. Thanks to a special Wide Open Spaces promotion, each one is offered up for a great price. They're all wonderful options, but for a little guidance on their various styles, read on.


Breed 7004 Ulysses

If you're going to spend all day in a blind or treestand, you'll at least be able to tell how many hours have passed with this Ulysses model. The Swiss quartz movement and distinct black and white hands will make it easy to read even in the early morning light or dusk. Price: $54.99


Breed 1802 Henry Men's Watch


The Breed Henry watch has a killer design, with a satin stainless steel silver circle case and a sturdy silicon band. It's of course water resistant, great for a day out on the boat reaching into the depths to pull out your catch. Price: $49.99



The Breed Deep model stays true to its name; it's water resistant up to 30 meters and has a thick, sturdy case should it encounter any underwater rocks or other objects. We were particularly attracted to the unique orange hands and numbers, which added some brightness to an already great looking watch. Price: $64.99

Mach 1



The Mach 1 from Breed takes things to another level with its classy design mixed with reliable performance. It has a stainless steel rose gold circle case, making it stand out among its competition. The numbers match the rose gold, and the white analog dial combined with the black and white hands give it a quality look that's sure to be the talk of your hunting camp. Price: $49.99



If you really want to make your fellow outdoorsmen or women jealous, show them your Breed Zigfield, a well put together timepiece that's caught the attention of watch buyers. The polished aluminum olive circle case is 50mm thick when you add the crown, giving it a large and impressive profile. Silver hands over a black analog dial and green numbers and markers give it a great outdoor look. Price: $59.99



The Gunar, specifically with this orange rubber band, stands out above most others. It is a highly-suggested accessory for those looking to be as precise as a watch will allow them; the Swiss quartz movement won't let anyone down no matter how much hunting or fishing they're doing. Price: $54.99



Last but not least, the Benny uses a modernized, angled analog perspective to avoid those wrist-twisting clock reads, with a unique hand style not common in most other watch brands. Breed delivers with a Japanese automatic movement and polished stainless steel silver square case, plus a 20mm wide black leather band. Price: $54.99

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7 Watches for Under 70 Dollars