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Watch the World’s Worst Gun Instructor Fire Live Ammo at His Assistant [VIDEOS]


The man in these videos just might be the world’s worst gun instructor after he fires at his assistant with live ammo.

You will be shocked when you see the training techniques that the world’s worst gun instructor uses in these videos. I use the term training techniques very lightly here. You’ll see what I mean after you watch the videos.

This series of four videos make a lot more sense as an example of what never to do while on the gun range.

The description of the first video when translated says “Shooting instructor plays with the lives of their students.” That is a very apt description as this gun instructor literally fires directly at a (hopefully) willing volunteer.

That is either the most trusting person on Earth or he was being paid a hefty sum to stand on the business end of a man preparing to fire a handgun.

The man next to the target doesn’t even flinch as the shooter fires a handgun mere inches from his head.

The world’s worst gun instructor then kicks things up a notch by pulling out a fully auto AK-47, or some variant of the AK-47, and hip firing at targets on either side of the same man. I think we can all agree that hip firing a gun tends to be less accurate.

Once again, the human target doesn’t even flinch. I’m beginning to wonder just how many times he has done this…

If the AK-47 wasn’t dangerous enough, the world’s worst gun instructor moves on to a pump action shotgun in the third video. Why not add a spreading shot to the mix instead of single bullets?

The last video might just be the worst of all. The instructor (if you still want to call him that) continues with the pump action shotgun, but has his volunteer move even closer to his intended target.

It just leaves you scratching your head that anyone thought this was a good idea.

The shooter, AKA the world’s worst gun instructor, in these videos is obviously a good shot. He doesn’t injure the man down range and hits all of his targets.

However, it doesn’t matter how good of a shot you are, you simply never fire live ammo towards a target that you do not intend to kill. That is one of the ten commandments of safe gun use and should always be followed.

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Watch the World’s Worst Gun Instructor Fire Live Ammo at His Assistant [VIDEOS]