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Watch These Wolves Try to Run Down a Bull Elk in Yellowstone


This pack of hungry wolves tries to run down dinner in America’s first national park.

Yellowstone is a beautiful and amazing place chock-full of wildlife; it’s also a place where life-or-death struggles take place almost every day.

In this video, these wolves attempt to run down a bull elk showcasing the brutality of life in the wild.

When you visit Yellowstone, all of the animals you see seem so tame and docile, it’s easy to forget these are wild animals living through a real-life struggle of life and death. It was just this elk’s lucky day these wolves weren’t more experienced.

Winter in Yellowstone is especially brutal for predator and prey alike. It appears there is a set of antlers from a much larger bull laying in the river at the 2:54-mark proving this very point.

Having visited this park over half a dozen times, I always recommend winter visits not only because of smaller crowds, but also because the wild nature of this beautiful place is better reflected in the colder months.


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Watch These Wolves Try to Run Down a Bull Elk in Yellowstone