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So This is What a Snapping Turtle Can Do to a Pelican

This snapping turtle must have been super hungry and it looks like he bit off more than he can chew.

Snapping turtles can get big, old, and have one of the most feared bites in freshwater across the nation. Once locked on, they often don't let go too easily. Just ask this pelican.

In Sioux Narrows, Ontario at Lake of the Woods, this pelican's day went south in a hurry. Enjoying another day on the water, the bird gets pleasantly surprised from below and its life is quickly in danger.

Apparently this snapping turtle must have been very hungry and was ready for a big meal. The battle begins and is followed by some splashing and flailing of wings.

The bird attempted to fly, but the turtle had a good grasp on its feet and it wasn't about to let its lunch get away. After a short struggle, the pelican was lucky enough to break free from the snapping turtle's jaw.

The turtle moved on and was back on the hunt to take care of his appetite.

Next time you are floating on a tube, just think your bottom might just be lunch. Actually don't think about that, because it sounds painful!


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So This is What a Snapping Turtle Can Do to a Pelican