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Waterfall Flows Upstream from High Winds [VIDEO]

We have all hunted or fished during some pretty nasty weather conditions, but perhaps nothing as bad as the high winds in this video capable of making a waterfall flow upstream.

Check out this video of River Kinder being blown back upstream at the Kinder Downfall from excessive winds. River Kinder is a three-mile long river located in northwestern Derbyshire, England.


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On a normal day, the river crashes down the 98 foot tall Kinder Downfall before continuing on its course to the Kinder Reservoir. However, on the day of this video you can see the waterfall flow upstream from very high winds.

This was definitely a good day to stay inside if you ask me. This is what Kinder Falls normally looks like…

Wikimedia Commons

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Waterfall Flows Upstream from High Winds [VIDEO]