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Walter the Dog Loves the Water [VIDEO]

Walter the Dog takes the prize as the dog who loves water, namely the sea, the most.

In this video from YouTube user sciu89, Walter the dog is let off his leash and makes a mad dash for the ocean. He doesn’t let any obstacles stand in his way of his love for the water. Walter dashes down stairs, leaps over walls, and charges past plants with only one destination in mind.

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With the enticing blue water in sight, Walter the dog bounds across a rocky beach before barging through a crowd of beach goers and finally making a mighty jump into the ocean with a big splash. With the speed that he runs his route to the ocean, we can only guess that it is a route Walter has run too many times to count. Ears flapping in the wind, and tail undoubtedly wagging, Walter the dog displays the enthusiasm that makes dogs such an endearing animal and man’s best friend.

This video truly showcases just how much dogs, and especially Labradors like Walter, love the water. He may not be retrieving a duck or goose shot by a waterfowl hunter, but Walter the dog still just can’t wait to swim.

The simple joy that can be felt by watching this video will certainly make your day.

Does your dog love the water as much as Walter the dog? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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Walter the Dog Loves the Water [VIDEO]