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Watch Tournament Angler Justin Lucas Boat a 9-Pounder During Competition

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Justin Lucas puts a nine pound brute in the boat during a tournament with some finesse and style!

There’s an old saying in the world of golf: drive for show, putt for dough. What does that have to do with tournament fishing you say? Well you can hook all the bass you want, but eventually you have to seal the deal and get them in the boat.

When you sink your hook into a nine pound slob during live action in a very competitive tournament, you better make sure that it gets in the boat. Oh, yeah nets aren’t allowed.

Watch what finesse and body English mean to upping your bag weight by nine pounds… on one fish!

Thanks to Justin Lucas for sharing this video of his great catch with all of us! This great action was taken during the Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River, Florida in mid-March 2016 and at the time moved Justin all the way into 3rd place.

Total tonnage after weighing that beast- 9lbs 6oz! Did you see the tail on that thing? No wonder it was such a battle! Too many of us overuse words like hawg, toad, and pig to describe some ok bass we catch, but this one was all of those.

The tournament was ultimately won by veteran angling legend Rick Clunn who I’ve been following since the 70’s. Mr. Lucas came in 12th place at the end, but may have one of the best stories to tell from the experience.

If you really want to see the work that goes into being a professional angler like Justin, just filter through the 1,500 or so comments after the video where Justin dutifully and professionally replies to what seems like every comment!

Three cheers to Justin Lucas and much more success in the future!



Rick Clunn Becomes Oldest Bassmaster Tournament Winner at Florida Elite Event

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Watch Tournament Angler Justin Lucas Boat a 9-Pounder During Competition