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Watch This New High-Tech Foam Obliterate a Bullet

This composite metal foam stops a bullet in slow motion.

As firearms technology continues to evolve, so does the need for newer and more sophisticated types of armor to help protect police and military.

Afsaneh Rabiei, a North Carolina State University professor and mechanical and aerospace engineer has been working for years to develop new types of metal composite foam and the results are pretty impressive against an armor-piercing bullet. Check it out.

That’s some pretty impressive foam! It would probably still really hurt to get hit, but if it can save a life, a little bit of pain is worth it.

While NC State University doesn’t offer a lot of specifics on the material in this test, a metal composite foam is probably going to be lighter and more comfortable than more traditional types of body armor. It would also help to make armored vehicles lighter and more efficient.

Of course it’s just a test. We’re probably a very long way off from this stuff actually being incorporated into any type of body armor, but you have to admit it’s a fascinating experiment and some crazy science-fiction type stuff!



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Watch This New High-Tech Foam Obliterate a Bullet