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Watch This Lunker Largemouth Inhale a 12-Inch Live Crappie

live bait, bass fishing, crappie
Louisiana Sportsman TV with Greg Hackney

As the saying goes, “Big bait, big fish.”

All anglers know that it’s hard to argue a case against using live bait in either fresh or saltwater. Other than the realistic movement that live bait offers, underwater vibrations and scent also make this fishing technique really successful.

Many bass anglers rely on minnows and shiners to hook monster bass, especially ones that require a little bit more convincing during times when the action is a bit slow. Watch what happens when Greg Hackney uses a 12-inch live crappie and lets it swim freely in an East Texas bass infested reservoir.

Nice fish, Greg! Both the crappie and the largemouth!

Sam Rayburn Reservoir is about 18 miles north of Jasper, TX in the middle of Angelina National Forest. With a max depth of roughly 80 ft, this fishing hotspot produces incredible bass and crappie fishing throughout the entire year. With over 114,000 fishable acres, this is a great place to keep in mind for a weekend fishing trip if you’re near East Texas or Louisiana.



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Watch This Lunker Largemouth Inhale a 12-Inch Live Crappie