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Huge Tarpon Leaps Aboard Fisherman's Boat to Avoid Hammerhead Shark

A hammerhead shark was caught on video trying to catch a full grown tarpon near Tampa Bay, Florida. When you see what the tarpon does to get away you'll be astounded.

Captain Rob Gorta and company were out near Tampa Bay fishing when they observed a hammerhead shark chasing a tarpon.

Despite the size and ferocity of the shark, Gorta was able to calm himself and take video with his cell phone. Gorta estimated the size of the hammerhead at around 12-feet long and said, (extending his arms) "It was probably that wide, it was 3 and a half, four foot wide"

Gorta added, "I was shaking. You don't know what's going on because you're just concentrated on filming and when you actually watch the footage, that's when you realize what happened. Just an incredible moment."

Warning: coarse language used in the video

The estimated 100-pound tarpon came right out of the water and landed on the stern of the vessel causing quite the reaction in the man.

The huge hammerhead bumped the boat several times in its quest to have a silver king dinner, finally having success at the end, but the big tarpon wouldn't go down without a battle.

Gorta was incredulous: "It's a fish that's 100 pounds," the boat captain said, "I'm lucky it jumped back in the water because it could break a lot of things. It could've knocked one of us in the water. We could've been in with the shark."

The amazing event occurred off the Coast of Anna Maria Island on June 24, 2016.


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Huge Tarpon Leaps Aboard Fisherman's Boat to Avoid Hammerhead Shark