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Watch This Eel Destroy a Poisonous Lionfish

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Most underwater sea creatures steer clear of lionfish, except for this hungry eel.

Lionfish are the latest underwater species invading reefs around the world. Their poisonous spines allow them to shield off predators and humans alike.

Watch this hungry eel attack this lionfish in Cozumel, Mexico as it could care less that it has poisonous spines.

Applause for the eel please!

If you like to free dive, snorkel or SCUBA dive and you find yourself in an area with tons of lionfish and an open season to spear them, I highly recommend doing so. Besides doing the reef and the local sea life a favor from this incredible invasive species, you’ll have some of the best eating fish in the ocean on the end of your spear. Their meat is extremely tender, juicy and full of flavor, perfect sautéed or friend and stuffed inside of a taco! Give it a try next time you have the chance!

As always, use extreme caution when cleaning and filleting these types of fish!



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Watch This Eel Destroy a Poisonous Lionfish