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Chilling Footage of a Dingo Hunting Feral Hogs Shows Why They’re Australia’s Top Predator

Watch This Incredible Footage Of A Dingo Hunting Feral Hogs In Australia: That's Whey They're The Continent's Top Predator

This incredible footage taken in northern Australia may be the first-ever instance of a dingo hunting feral hogs captured on video. 

Like the United States, Australia has a large population of feral hogs that is causing all sorts of trouble for the native ecosystems on the continent. Australia is also home to the dingo, which is a fearsome predator just like its cousin, the wolf. Both species evoke very strong emotions from large numbers of people in Australia.

These researchers were flying in a helicopter just outside the Pungalina-Seven Emu wildlife sanctuary in northern Australia when they encountered the incredible sight of a dingo hunting feral hogs. What they captured on video was nothing short of remarkable and may be the first documented case of a dingo killing a feral hog in Australia.

Watch the video to for a chilling view of why the dingo is the undisputed top predator of Australia:

Warning: this video is a little graphic.

Somehow, that lone dingo managed to separate the young pig from the three larger hogs and not only kill it, but emerge from the encounter virtually unscathed. Just like wolves, dingos sometimes hunt in packs, which enables them to taken down larger species of prey. Based on the results of this video, it’s not difficult for me to imagine a pack of dingos having no trouble at all killing an adult feral hog.

If more dingos start seeing them as a potential food source, the feral hog population in Australia will really be in trouble.

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Chilling Footage of a Dingo Hunting Feral Hogs Shows Why They’re Australia’s Top Predator