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Watch This Alligator News Segment Go Hilariously Wrong


This news anchor got more than he bargained for during a wildlife segment! 

Everyone has seen those news specials where wildlife handlers bring live animals into the studio. For the most part these segments go by without a hitch.

But every once in a while you get one where the news anchor gets a little more than they bargained for. That’s definitely the case with Boston News anchor Steve Burton during a segment involving an alligator!

I don’t think Steve was expecting to do alligator wrestling when he came into work that morning!

Reptile expert Michael Ralbovsky said the gator had likely simply grown tired after being held on stage for an extended length of time. “That clip doesn’t show the whole thing,” Ralbovsky told the Huffington Post. “It was a segment lasting five or 10 minutes and the gator didn’t want to be held anymore.”

I have to wonder if the animal handlers in these segments get some demented joy out of making news anchors uncomfortable in these situations. At least Steve can say he didn’t have a boring day at work!

The look on Steve’s face says it all in this video doesn’t it? That alligator was a lot stronger than I think he was expecting! Thanks for sharing your clip Steve, your temporary horror is our laugh for the day!



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Watch This Alligator News Segment Go Hilariously Wrong