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Watch This If You Think You’re a Dove Hunter

Check out this awesome footage taken from an amazingly lucrative dove hunting trip.

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a successful dove hunting trip, and this video will prove that to you.

If you’ve never been dove hunting, this video is sure to get to excited about all the possibilities that await.

This dove hunting video was not your typical hunting clip, because it showed you the impact and the trajectory of the shotgun blast. Did you see how this hunter lead the target before firing? It was very well planned and all three kill shots were effectively placed.

After watching this slow-mo action, it’s clear the shotgun blast is very concentrated when it leaves the barrel, but as it travels it spreads out. That makes for a better chance of hitting the target, which in this case was birds. Those doves had it coming, and due to the shooter’s accuracy there was no way to avoid the impact.

If you plan on going dove hunting in the near future, be sure to take a lesson from this hunter and aim ahead of the dove. That way you have a better chance of killing it in mid-flight.


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Watch This If You Think You’re a Dove Hunter