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Will Bass Bite Gummy Worms? Let’s Find Out

Using gummy worms he bought from the convenience store, this kid films some underwater bass hits.

Although an angler can by fancy expensive baits from the lure shop, gummy worms from the gas station will work great too.

Watch this video and see some underwater hits as this young kid uses a gummy worm to lure in some huge bass.

As you just saw, these worms yielded some great catches. How would you like to catch some bass that big? You can all you need is gummy worms.

According to the guy in the video, these worms are used to mimic rainbow eels, which bass feed on. They used gummy worms that are red and orange because this color scheme most resembles the rainbow eels.

Next time you go bass fishing bring worms that are gummy, and if they aren’t red and orange you can eat them while you wait for the next hit.



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Will Bass Bite Gummy Worms? Let’s Find Out