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Watch the Quest for the 100-Mile Bull

Would you have had what it took to arrow the 100-mile bull?

The 100-mile bull is just what it sounds like; a mature bull elk that required 100 miles of hiking to finally fall. These hunters endured missed opportunities, low elk numbers, and high hunter pressure before finally harvesting a bull.

Watch the video to see if you would have had the mental and physical endurance to take down the 100-mile bull.

As you saw in the video, bowhunting public land elk isn't for the faint of heart or short of breath. These hunters combined physical conditioning with mental toughness and stuck it out until they were successful.

Whether you're a seasoned elk hunter or just looking to cross an elk hunt off your bucket list, this hunt is a perfect example of what can be necessary to harvest a bull. Obviously, there will be times when luck puts a bull in your lap with little effort, but those events are the exception rather than the rule and working harder than your competition will help you be consistently successful.

Physical conditioning combined with a knowledge of elk and their habits will help you understand what the elk are doing and know when it's time to make a move like these hunters did. When it all comes together and a bull is in bow range, your shooting practice will help you make a killing shot and anchor the animal you've worked so hard to kill.


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Watch the Quest for the 100-Mile Bull