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See How Fast Deer Antlers Grow in 1 Minute

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See the daily growth of an Illinois whitetail deer's antlers over the course of a summer. 

Whitetail deer antlers and velvet are one of the fastest growing tissues among animals and nature. The growth is so fascinating, I decided to document the rapid growth of antlers for an entire growth cycle.

Watch our five-year-old buck in central Illinois blossom into a set of antlers full of character.

The jump deer make from month to month is amazing. Antlers are also the only example of an organ that is grown every year and shed.

Antler velvet is also a treasured medical secret in Chinese culture and is considered to be a medical 'miracle' which supports muscle mass growth, decreases body fat, increases stamina. Some believe it's because the concentration of testosterone. Aside from skeptical medical uses, the marvel of antler growth is amazing.

One thing I hope this video provides is a gauge for hunters to compare their trail camera pictures with the video to measure what their prospective buck might blossom into by the end of summer.

Also, take a look at the buck from a year ago.

Hunting Common Scents

This year, the buck added some mass and more character. Some the additional character includes split brow tines and stickers on it's G2.

However, the dip in the tips of the main beam remained and the tall G2 remained.

The antler growth video documented  159 days and within that time,the buck grew approximately a 150" set of antlers. Taking out the inside spread measurement, the buck still literally grew over a hundred inches of bone.


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See How Fast Deer Antlers Grow in 1 Minute