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Watch Your Step! Would You Have Spotted the Copperhead? [VIDEO]

Tim Kjellesvik

This copperhead could have sent me to the hospital had I not been paying closer attention.

Snakes fascinate me, especially venomous ones. I have a healthy respect for them, but I'm not afraid of them.

What I am afraid of is getting tagged by a copperhead and watching as the extremity it bit swells up and becomes necrotic. I've got a few better things to do with my time.

When I finally caught a glimpse of this beauty coiled and ready for action along a bit of trail I had just walked down, it gave me a little shiver. I had come extremely close to this guy without even realizing.

Watch the video and see if you would have spotted him or simply walked by unaware.

Did you see the copperhead before the reveal? Not so easy to distinguish, huh? I suppose that's the purpose of their Hershey's Kiss pattern and brown-against-tan coloration.

If you live in snake country, watch your step! Up for more herpetological surprises?  Check out this one from the land down under.

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Watch Your Step! Would You Have Spotted the Copperhead? [VIDEO]