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WATCH: Shooting a Tiny Blunderbuss [VIDEO]

Check out this little Blunderbuss. It's so small, you might miss it.

Back in times of yore, many used a blunderbuss for defense. It was a muzzleloading long gun that was popular in the 17th through the 19th Centuries.

Many ships and carriages used it to fend off boarders and highway men. Depending on who commissioned them to be made, they could be very ornate or very plain. A shortened, pistol version of the blunderbuss was called the Dragoon, derived from the word dragon.

In this video we see an extremely shortened version of a blunderbuss. Well, more then just shortened. It's tiny! It's so small, it shoots only a tiny pellet out of it.


It's so little!

While this would probably not be most people's choice for a defensive handgun, this tiny blunderbuss would be the perfect pocket pistol. Small and easy to conceal. Or even lose in your pocket. But I'm not sure it would have much stopping power.

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WATCH: Shooting a Tiny Blunderbuss [VIDEO]