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Watch as Shane Mahoney Talks Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting [VIDEO]

Watch As Shane Mahoney Talks Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting

Shane Mahoney talks Cecil the Lion and trophy hunting in this excellent and comprehensive video produced by his company, Conservation Visions Inc.

In this latest development in the Cecil the Lion saga, Shane Mahoney talks Cecil the Lion in particular and trophy hunting in general. Not only does he have a great voice and a really cool beard, but he really knows his stuff regarding conservation and makes some excellent points about how trophy hunting is actually beneficial for conservation.

This video is a little long, but Mr. Mahoney really does a good job of explaining the benefits of trophy hunting on animal populations all over the world. In particular, he discusses how trophy hunting has directly resulted in significant increases in the populations of Straight-horned Markhor in Pakistan and Black Rhino in Namibia.

If you only remember one thing from this video, remember the quote below.

What these examples demonstrate is that, where it is clearly in a community's best economic interest to protect, conserve, and properly manage local wildlife, they will do so, even if the wildlife involved is dangerous and threatening. Furthermore, as poaching undermines the economic welfare of the community as a whole, its members actively work to prevent it. Where such economic incentives are lacking however, community members move to eliminate dangerous and threatening wildlife using whatever means are at their disposal, including snares and poisons, in the case of lions and elephants. Properly regulated, legal trophy hunting can and does provide such incentives.

Life in the wild isn't a Disney movie. When they live in close proximity to each other, people and wildlife will come into conflict. However, people will protect wildlife, even dangerous animals, when it is in their best interest to do so.

Because of this fact, trophy hunting is actually far more beneficial to animal populations as a whole than any petition or Facebook outrage.

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Watch as Shane Mahoney Talks Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting [VIDEO]