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WATCH: Self-Filmed Double Angle Elk Kill Shot [VIDEO]

Self filming a hunt is hard enough, but this hunter was able to capture his elk kill shot from two angles.

By using both head-mounted and tripod-mounted cameras, this hunter was able to show the full story of how he killed a trophy bull elk with his bow.

You might be inspired to capture your own elk kill shot on video, even if it’s only from one angle.

Capturing a hunt on film adds a level of difficulty and self filming makes being successful even harder. This hunter was able to capture his elk kill shot from two angles by following a few basic self-filming rules including:

  • Stay Hidden — Self filming often requires the hunter/cameraman to make final adjustments to the camera just before taking the shot. A ground blind, whether it’s manmade or natural like the one in the video, will allow for more movement without spooking your target animal.
  • Stay Organized — Knowing where your camera and other gear like rangefinders and mechanical releases are located will keep you from looking down and fumbling around when game is close.
  • Think Ahead — As soon as you see an animal approaching, turn on your camera and try to anticipate which direction the animal is heading, where you will have a good view through your camera, and where you will attempt to shoot the animal.

Self filming your hunting adventures can be frustrating at times and a few blown opportunities are to be expected, but this double angle elk kill shot is proof that it can be done.

If you are successful, you’ll have a video to help you relive the hunt that will last a lifetime.

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WATCH: Self-Filmed Double Angle Elk Kill Shot [VIDEO]