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Watch This Ridiculously Fast 25 Meter Headshot [VIDEO]

Ridiculously Fast 25m Headshot

Instructor Zero makes this lightning quick 25 meter headshot look easy.

Watch as in an incredible display of both speed and accuracy, Instructor Zero draws his Glock and makes a 25m headshot on a target in just .84 seconds.

Not only does he nail the shot, but he makes it look easy.

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Though it’s not clear if this is something he is able to do on a routine basis, or if it took him multiple attempts to make the shot, the fact that he was able to do it all is still quite impressive.

He also goes on to explain that while headshots are impressive on camera and in video games, they are not something that you should ordinarily attempt in most self-defense situations.

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Watch This Ridiculously Fast 25 Meter Headshot [VIDEO]