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A Rhodesian Ridgeback Slowly Grows Using Time-Lapse [VIDEO]

Everyone always wishes their puppies could look like puppies forever and you always regret not taking more pictures. Sophia, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, has her growth documented. 

Greg Coffin took a picture of his Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sophia, from when she was two months old to three years old.

The most challenging part of the whole production was, of course, getting Sophia to sit still.

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a breed hailing from South Africa. They were originally used to keep lions at bay while waiting for the hunter to take the shot.

Greg Coffin documented Sophia’s growth, something we all wish we had thought of to do with our own hunting pups.

You can see by the outtakes in the end that it wasn’t as easy as it looked to get Sophia to stay still and to have the same background each picture.

The result is pretty great.

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A Rhodesian Ridgeback Slowly Grows Using Time-Lapse [VIDEO]