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WATCH: Reverse Angle Archery Shot In the Dark Texas Night [VIDEO]

Camera Captures Incredible Night Reverse Angle Archery Shot On a Texas Hog

Check out this incredible reverse angle archery shot made on a hog at night. This hunter in Texas managed to capture it all with his night vision camera.

Made by the same guy who captured this awesome, close range reverse angle shot on a hog, this one is similar, but takes place after dark. If you thought filming a regular reverse angle shot was tough, a video of a night reverse angle archery shot has got to be even more complicated.

The arrow’s illuminated nock makes it look like the hog is getting shot with a laser. Talk about a cool effect!

Also, check out the reaction of the young pigs after the shot. Do they look confused or what?

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty impressed with the hunter’s archery shooting accuracy. It’s one thing to make a good shot on a hog with a bow during the day, but that’s got to be a lot tougher to do at night.

I wonder if he will make a reverse angle video of him shooting a warthog with a bow next? After all, they are in Texas now…

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WATCH: Reverse Angle Archery Shot In the Dark Texas Night [VIDEO]