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Watch Remi Warren Assemble a Wilderness Survival Kit

Remi Warren
Steven Rinella - MeatEater

If there's anyone that knows what's best inside of a survival kit, it's Remi Warren.

Hunting in the backcountry is not only an incredible experience, but also quite the dangerous adventure. In a matter of seconds an exciting hunting trip can turn to an absolute nightmare survival situation.

Watch Remi Warren assemble a perfect wilderness survival kit in minutes.

Thanks Remi! This gear could easily be the difference between life and death.

Cabela's, wilderness survival kit

Whether you're heading out on a weeklong backcountry hunt or just heading to the treestand for an afternoon deer hunt, having some medical survival equipment with you is always a good idea. Once again the team at Cabela's has you covered with a seriously solid kit that won't break the bank and can get you out of a jam and back to the lodge should you get injured while in the field.

The Essentials Kit for Cabela's by Adventure Medical has all of the practical gear that you might just need one day, ranging from bandages to adhesive and even fire starters. This kit is a no-brainer and an absolute home-run for the avid hunter or backpacker.

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Watch Remi Warren Assemble a Wilderness Survival Kit