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Watch: Rare Footage of Big Muskie Spawning Underwater [VIDEO]

You’ve never seen muskie spawning this up close and personal.

Last week, Jeff Van Remortel, of WDH Guide Service, posted this rare footage of a large muskie spawning in a northern Wisconsin river.

There’s a couple of incredible things going on in this video other than the muskie spawning that’s being recorded. Look at how fast the river is moving, and how still the large muskie is remains in the current. It’s also amazing how close the camera is able to get to fish, considering how skittish muskie are.

Then again, if you’re giving birth – even if you’re a fish – you’re not exactly in the best shape to run away from a stranger with a camera.

The spring muskie spawning season is prime time for fishing, especially in the Great Lakes region.

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In northern states like Wisconsin, muskie will spawn in lake channels and river backwaters. Males arrive to the spawning grounds ahead of the female. Large muskie females can release 18,000 to 200,000 eggs. The females will let their eggs fall to the bottom of the spawning grounds, where the frys will hatch 8 to 14 days later.

How big do you think the muskie spawning in the video above is? Share your guess in the comments section. 

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Watch: Rare Footage of Big Muskie Spawning Underwater [VIDEO]