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Watch This Python Eat an Entire Impala, Hooves and All

Sheila Grobbelaar

In a series of stunning photographs, photographer Sheila Grobbelaar captured a python swallowing an entire impala in just 10 minutes.

While searching for lions to photograph in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Grobbelaar unexpectedly encountered a life and death battle.

A young, unsuspecting impala wandered too close to a nearby python that was lurking in the grass. The nearly 10-foot long snake quickly wrapped itself around the mammal. Within minutes, the only part of the impala still visible were it’s hooves.

“The python was massive,” said Gobbelaar. “It was surprising just how much it could fit in its mouth. The entire impala was gone in 10 minutes.”

Check out the stomach-churning photographs this lucky photographer was able to capture.


The next time you find yourself wandering in the bush, watch your step. You never know what could be slithering in grass because chances are, it’s big enough to eat you, too.

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Watch This Python Eat an Entire Impala, Hooves and All