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Watch Pro Freedive Spearfisherman Bag a Record Dogtooth [VIDEO]

We’d like to claim we’ve caught a dogtooth this big, but, truth be told, we’re not sure we’ve SEEN one this big.

In this video, Qatar-based spearfisherman Mohammed Jassim Al Kuwari (who’s becoming known merely as MJK) bags a massive dogtooth off the coast off the St. Lazarus Bank, a reef in the Indian Ocean.

All without the use of tanks. That’s righ. MJK is a freediver.

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The world record for dogtooth tuna is 241 pounds, but this particular catch is a whopping 143 pounds, and a record for both spearfishing generally, and dogtooth caught in the Indian Ocean.

MJK has been spearfishing for the last 10 years, and, shockingly, doesn’t take oxygen with him when he dives, but is a proponent of freedive fishing, citing Qatar’s freediving history as inspiration in interviews. MJK himself is a Qatar native, and is known locally as having encouraged the spread of the spearfishing popularity in recent years (word is he’s kind of the Michael Jordan of spearfishing, and you can see why.)

Dogtooths themselves are native to the Indian Ocean, but also swim in the South Pacific, the Maldives, as far north as Japan and as far south as the Great Barrier Reef. They’re also excellent eating, and tend to go well as either tuna steaks or sushi.

For more MJK spearfishing videos, click here.

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Watch Pro Freedive Spearfisherman Bag a Record Dogtooth [VIDEO]