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Watch What This Pit Bull Does to a Helpless Deer [VIDEO]

Pit bulls are stereotyped for their “vicious” nature, but this particular pit bull might change your mind.

A doe managed to get herself tangled up in a fence, and the homeowner’s pit bull, Gotti, does the opposite of what you might expect.

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I have never owned a pit bull, but I hear most people’s argument against their reputation is that it all depends on the owner. I would tend to agree with that.

It’s kind of similar to people, isn’t it? If a child is raised in a violent environment, well, chances are he or she will be a violent person. The same thing goes for pups.

Loreal, the homeowner, said Gotti is “the kindest, most loving, gentle dog you’ll ever meet!”

Thanks, Loreal, for getting this on film and spreading the love.

Good dog, Gotti!

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Watch What This Pit Bull Does to a Helpless Deer [VIDEO]