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Watch Orphan Bear Cubs Be Bottle-Fed Because It’s Adorable [VIDEO]

Check out this video of orphaned bear cubs because it’s oh-so-cute and promotes conservation!

Sixteen orphaned bear cubs are training to get released back into nature at an International Fund for Animal Welfare rehabilitation center. The video gives a unique angle with a GoPro attached to a feeding bottle.

This orphan bear cub rescue center is located in Bubonitsy, Russia. Check out these orphaned bear cubs be bottle-fed and play around.

The rescue center is climate controlled to imitate a mother bear’s den and the bears are encouraged to play often to keep their instincts in tact.

This video displays the early stages of rehabilitation at the center. It appears the bear cubs enjoy the play area and the caretakers are good at nurturing the bear cubs.

The IFAW has projects in more than 40 countries and provides hands-on assistance when needed. This video is a good example of their work in action.

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Watch Orphan Bear Cubs Be Bottle-Fed Because It’s Adorable [VIDEO]