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Watch Oregon's Lost Lake Mysteriously Disappear [VIDEO]

Every year, Lost Lake in Oregon's Willamette National Forest disappears down a large hole in the earth with no known outlet.

Check out the video to watch Lost Lake literally get lost down this lava tube!

Scientists suggest that the water is draining into an underground aquifer which then feeds the water back into multiple areas of the forest, but of this they can't be sure.

The six-foot wide hole that Lost Lake drains through every year is a lava tube that's been exposed due to erosion.

Some people have tried to plug the lava tube but this is not advised for it may cause flooding and other damage to the area.

The tube drains each summer, once the snow melt has ceased. The entire lake is drained down to nothing more than a marshy meadow.

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Watch Oregon's Lost Lake Mysteriously Disappear [VIDEO]