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“Off Grid” Hunter Fletches Arrows and Kills Bull Elk [VIDEO]

The Burnett brothers from “Off Grid” can fletch their own arrows… and kill bull elk.

In this episode of SOLO Hunter, the guys from Off Grid Hunter stop off in Butte, Montana to watch outdoorsman Boyd Burnett make wooden arrows…. and kill a bull elk.

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Boyd Burnett is, of course, the brother of SOLO Hunter host, Tim Burnett. The Burnett brothers grew up hunting and fishing; in fact, as they share in the video, these guys were hunting with a stick-and-string before they ever hunted with a rifle. Even though they didn’t grow up in a family of hunters their passion for the outdoors is infectious; this is helped, of course, by Boyd’s borderline insanity, according to his brother.

While we can’t draw a definitive conclusion on Boyd’s mental state from the video, he certainly knows a thing or two about making arrows. If you’ve never given traditional archery a shot, watching this video is sure to peak your interest.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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“Off Grid” Hunter Fletches Arrows and Kills Bull Elk [VIDEO]