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Watch an Old Wrench Turned into a Knife [VIDEO]

A little creativity and elbow grease transforms an old wrench into a knife.

Repurposing old tools by making them into knives makes for an awesome home project. In this video, a popular YouTuber, called Trollsky, does an exquisite job of turning an old wrench into a knife.

Sit back and watch an old wrench be transformed into a sharp wrench knife.

This piece took some serious skill and creativity. The wrench might even be operable under the right circumstances.

The blade of the knife wrench turned out very nicely. Not only is the knife visually appealing, the paper test shows it has a sharp edge also.

A knife of this caliber made simply from a wrench would turn heads in any garage.

Creating your own repurposed knife might take some practice and patience, but the end result can certainly be amazing, like this piece.

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Watch an Old Wrench Turned into a Knife [VIDEO]