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Watch an Octopus Fight Turn into an Undersea 8-Armed Brawl [VIDEO]

This octopus fight over mating rights is a lot cooler than your average punch-up.

In this video, a small Abdopus Aculeatus Octopus tentatively reaches a tentacle into the burrow of a female to mate—and is met with a nasty surprise.

A much larger male is house-sitting while his mate it is out. The resulting graceful, balletic, underwater brawl is anything but gentlemanly. Sounds like a couple bar fights we’ve seen.

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Abdopus Acleutus are commonly known as the “Algae Octopus” due to their coloring and skin texture. They live in the Indian Ocean, as far south as the Great Barrier Reef, as well as in shallow water along Indonesian and Philippine coast lines.

They tend to live in shallow water with lots of vegitation, as well as in reefs, and eat mainly crabs, which they crack open with strong mandibles (the same ones the two Octopi in the video above are fighting with).

They’re generally not eaten, because apparently they don’t taste very good. However, they’re very popular octopi for home aquariums.

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Watch an Octopus Fight Turn into an Undersea 8-Armed Brawl [VIDEO]