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WATCH: Northern Water Snake Munches on a Bass Dinner

You’ve seen water snakes before; now watch one that just made lunch out of a largemouth bass!

Though water snakes are a common sight around the lakes and wetlands they call home, it’s not as common to see one in the act of eating its prey.

Even though these snakes can be readily seen swimming or even sunning themselves near people, they are generally shy and will leave if they feel threatened.

Here’s a beautiful video of one such water snake that wasn’t shy about finding and then munching on a bass. Watch a northern water snake make short work of his lunch and then slither away to digest.

While the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Facebook page posted this video, they give credit to one Jace Lorenzen for sharing with them a video taken near Comanche, Iowa.

While it’s obvious that the fish was already dead, what isn’t always obvious is identifying the different water snake species. As the Iowa DNR correctly stated, “This is NOT a venomous cottonmouth (also called a water moccasin), which is NOT found in Iowa.”

Big thanks to the Iowa DNR and Jace Lorenzen for sharing this amazing look into the secretive life of the northern water snake!


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WATCH: Northern Water Snake Munches on a Bass Dinner