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Watch Mountain Lions Feast on a Fresh Kill [VIDEO]

Two trail cameras capture mountain lions eating a freshly hunted mule deer in California.

There are predators and prey in the wilderness. In this video, a mule deer fell victim in the food chain cycle. Fascinating trail camera footage depicts how mountain lions eat while no one is watching.

Take a look at mountain lions feast on a fresh kill.

The publisher of the video has found an area at the San Gabriel Mountains, in Southern California where he considers a kill site for mountains lions.

The structure of the land allows for the mountain lions to attack prey easily. This is the third occurrence in two years for the hiker to find a similar situation.

In early October, the hiker found the freshly killed mule deer, which he believes was killed by the big cats, a couple hours after death. He set up two trail cameras and an hour later the lions came back for another snack.

I was surprised the trail camera’s flashes and noises didn’t alert the mountain lions, I guess they were too busy getting their bellies full. The video offers a sobering glimpse of wilderness.

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Watch Mountain Lions Feast on a Fresh Kill [VIDEO]