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WATCH: Momma Moose Gets Way Too Close for Comfort [VIDEO]

A bowhunter and his cameraman stand as still as a statue while a momma moose checks them out from inches away.

These guys have huevos made of solid brass. Or some really good scent control. A massive moose cow with her calf alongside comes within a foot of the bowhunter's face. She even rubs her nose against the broadhead of the arrow. Despite the high tension, both guys keep their cool. Watch the tense encounter unfold in the clip below.

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I'm amazed the cow didn't attack, especially considering she had her calf alongside her.

We don't know where or when this video was filmed or who the hunter and the cameraman are, but whoever they are, they more than likely applied some scent control tactics on that hunt, and it just might have saved their lives.

Have you ever had a close encounter with a moose or a big game animal while hunting? Share your story in the comments section. 

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WATCH: Momma Moose Gets Way Too Close for Comfort [VIDEO]